"Hannah" is one of two sentient Xenomorphs, Celtic being the second. Her mind is separated from the Hive, but her loyalty remains. Even so, she's much kinder than the average Xenomorph, and will even refuse to attack unarmed or helpless people who are clearly scared of her. Hannah is a character from the RPverse The Ultimate Hunt.
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Hannah's official appearance


Hannah's appearance does not vary from any other Xemomorph Warrior. Her only defining feature is her tail, which has a slightly thinner tip than the other Warriors. She still has the same charcoal black skin of the other Xenomorphs, and is usually quadruped. She stands 8 feet in height, and is the same weight as any other Warrior.


Unlike other Xenomorphs, Hannah has a somewhat flamboyant personality. She acts much like a dog around the humans she trusts, being loyal and friendly with them even if they're armed. She'd break her loyalty if her Hive was harmed by said humans, and return to her instinctive aggression. She seems to be playful, even having tackled down Takeo Misaki only to roll right off of him and lie on her side to face him.

She's been shown to assist her trusted humans in combat, as shown in a brutal showdown between armed combat Androids and Takeo(see Takeo Misaki for more information).


Hannah is just as agile as most Xenomorph Warriors of her Hive. What she has that they lack however is extensive use of her tail, and human-inspired "parkour" abilities. What she also has that her brothers and sisters lack is martial arts ability, even if it is only used in a nonlethal fight.

Using her tail as a sort of grappling hook, Hannah can reach ledges up to 9 feet from where she'd usually be able to jump to. Her tail latches onto the ledge so that she can climb up her tail and to the ledge. This display is considered silly by most Xenomorphs, but to Hannah it's much more fun and effective than simple jumps and climbing.

Connection to the HiveEdit

While loyal to the Hive, Hannah has questioned the Queen's orders many times over when she found them ridiculous. Even so, she would follow them to not be branded a traitor along with the Red Army and their gang of misfits.

Her defiance does not extend far beyond delaying and hindering the efficiency of how she deals with the task at hand. Because of this, the Queen has called upon different, more Hiveminded Xenomorphs to deal with whatever she must have done.


Hannah has had contact and interaction with Takeo Misaki, Aiden Misaki, Saxon, Celtic, and the Red Army.

Hannah's Relationships for more information.


Hannah was an average chestburster from a captured civilian at the time the Xenomorphs arrived to Earth. With nothing out of the ordinary happening during her birthing process, her anomalility is very questionable. Weyland-Yutani has attempted to find the reason for her unusual behaviour, only to be sacked by Celtic and many other invading Xenomorphs before they could find anything out.

After an escape, Hannah found herself encountering an unarmed Takeo who was cornered by Saxon. Jumping in for a rescue, Saxon was tackled aside and Takeo was given an opportunity for escape. Hannah caught up to him and followed him back to his camp, which kickstarted their mutual respect and Battle Partner relationship.