Aiden's service for the Colonial Marines has brought her to meet plenty of people. A lot of them were of no significance at all, but some were more impactful than she could have thought.

Takeo MisakiEdit

Aiden has a very strong blood-bonded relationship to Takeo Misaki, since he is her older brother whom she loves above all people. While she loves him as a brother, she rarely has time to show it during the time-consuming work of a Colonial Marine. While off-duty, Aiden will often poke fun at Takeo and calling him "Ninja bro" because of the way he fights with his combat knife and in martial arts. Takeo often chuckles at this and calls her a "filthy uncultured Westerner" as a joke in return.


Aiden sees "Hannah" as more of an annoying pet than anything else. She's had to scold Hannah to get off of her bed multiple times, and the only "pleasant" interactions they've had is telling Hannah to go do something for her.


While Aiden is afraid of Saxon and wants to bring him down, Saxon does not take her seriously at all. Aiden started to realize this when he outright ignored her or just tossed her aside when he couldn't be bothered to deal with her. Aiden sees him as a threat, and distrusts the other Yautja because of him.