"Aiden Misaki" is the younger sister of Takeo Misaki, and his partner in operations. Formerly a SAS soldier, now a Colonial Marine, Aiden already was more than qualified to join without any formal Colonial Marines training. Aiden is a character from the RPverse, The Ultimate Hunt.
Aiden Misaki

Aiden in the SAS


Aiden stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall, and has a fit female build. She's of Japanese and British descent, having Japanese as the most prominant, appearance-affecting factor. She has caucasian skin and somewhat short, dark brown hair. She has blue eyes and no visible scars.

She wears her Colonial Marines armour in combat, and a grey shirt with industrial camo cargo pants when not on-duty.


Aiden is a bit of an airhead tomboy, with a darker side to her that's rarely seen. Usually she would act sweet and a bit bossy around others, save for Takeo when on a mission. She's a bit of a sadist, but not a psychopath. She merely sees murder as nothing more horrible than drug abuse.

She acts compassionate around her brother, Takeo Misaki, about as much as he does with her.


Being in the SAS, she's exceptional with firearms, martial arts, and close-quarters. She knows her way around combat parkour and easy movement in unstable environments. She's not much for giving orders, but can shout her demands when she has to.

Connection to the Colonial MarinesEdit

Aiden is a First Class Sergeant for the Colonial Marines, nearly as highly respected as Takeo because of her abilities in firefights. She never questions orders and has no problem doing anything for the greater good.


Aiden has had contact with and interacted with Takeo Misaki, "Hannah", and Saxon.

Aiden's Relationships for more information.


Aiden was brought into the Colonial Marines a few years after Takeo was, and made up with him the second they saw each other. After hearing about the failure of Takeo's squad, Aiden was about ready to go on a Xenomorph killing spree... That's when "Hannah" came into the picture.