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This wiki holds the information regarding roleplay taking place in the Aliens vs Predator universe. RP is free to be hosted here, and all information regarding any RPverses can be stored in wiki pages as long as they follow and meet the Rules and Guidelines.

  • The Ultimate Hunt, the ultimate RPverse.Go to The Ultimate Hunt
  • Learn about the Red Army, formerly only seen in Aliens: Genocide.Go to Red Army
  • Some rules for those who want to be a part of the wiki.Go to Rules and Guidelines
  • See who's in charge, and who you should contact.Go to Persons of Authority
  • See those who have broken the rules, and how the offense system works.Go to Offenders

The Roleplay

In the future there should be a variety of different RPverses to choose from and jump into. To help out, create your own! In the meantime, here are your options;

Who to Contact

All information regarding people you should contact if you need assistance is on the Persons of Authority page.


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