"Celtic" is the second senient Xenomorph, a Predalien. Most Predaliens are just like normal Xenomorphs, just much larger. Not Celtic. The Yautja she chestbursted from still had his armour lying about, so after her evolution, she took it and modified it to fit herself, even making her own, custom-carved mask. Celtic is a character from the RPverse The Ultimate Hunt.


Celtic stands 10 feet tall, being the tallest non-Queen Xenomorph in the Hive. Her stolen Yautja armour is a defining feature for her, as too is her arsenal; Her plasma caster, battle claws, throwing disc, and a combistick.

Celtic's skin tone is slightly lighter than that of a typical Xenomorph's, and had some patches and areas of olive, Yautja-like flesh overlapping skin on her shoulders, her chest, and her thighs. She has the dreadlocks of a Yautja, including the mandibles and a more round-shaped head that fits her mask.


Going by the Queen's orders and the Yautja honour code, Celtic's personality is very professional and to-the-point; She follows orders without question, and can carry them out much more efficiently than the typical Warrior, who's very disposable.

Celtic is known to have a sense of humour, and has even mocked the Queen in mistranslating "an old Queen" to "an old wrinkly hag" to a human during a speech, much to the Queen's anger, and to Celtic's Yautja-like laughter.


With the combined abilities of a Yautja and a Xenomorph, Celtic still has some restrictions. She can no longer stick to walls, as she'll slide down them slowly due to her weight(a metric ton) if she does not climb up quick enough.

Though with her agility and speed, she can jump slightly higher and farther than both Yautja and Xenomorphs. She can also run twice the speed of a Yautja when biped, as she never walks quadruped to use her full, Xenomorph agility.

Connection to the HiveEdit

Celtic is one of the most respected members of the Hive due to how efficient she gets things done, and how loyal she is to the Queen despite not being a Hiveminded individual. The Queen has found Celtic useful in many more situations than the average Warrior, and has even had her lead assaults on Yautja and humans when necessary.

Never one to question orders, Celtic follows whatever she's told even if it's beyond ridiculous to her. She believes hindering success is a great way to get oneself killed.


Celtic has interacted with Saxon, "Hannah", Takeo Misaki, and the Red Army.

Celtic's Relationships for more information.


Celtic was birthed from a Yautja host who was sent to try and deal with the Hive before it grew and made too much of a huge standing. The Yautja sent back a transmission saying it was too late, and soon became Celtic's example of how she should act herself.

After the fight with Saxon years later, Celtic knew she had a respectable foe to be reckoned with, and went out of her way when she had freetime just to find and fight him whenever she could. Many fights would find the two being able to never gain any ground on one another, but having a lot of fun with someone who could finally match them.