Drew Long, being a Mercenary, has encountered a fair few many people along the course of her missions. Some she couldn't have become a Mercenary without, others fall under the category of being a target.

Karl Bishop WeylandEdit

Bishop himself is the one who called for Drew's services. While Drew has no opinion about the man, she has to show some sort of respect to keep her status as working for him, and to keep his trust.


"Hannah" herself has never truly developed an opinion about Drew, while Drew believes Hannah to be a huge nuisence and has to be irradicated for her mission to go anywhere. Her reasoning behind this way of thinking is because of how often Hannah hinders her. Whenever she attempts assassination on Takeo or Aiden, Hannah is always there to foil her plans and leave her losing embarrassingly in hand-to-hand combat with her.

Takeo MisakiEdit

Drew has developed no true opinion about Takeo, only that he is a target and must be killed for her to get paid.

Aiden MisakiEdit

The same that has been said about Takeo can apply with Aiden, though to a lesser extent due to Aiden merely being a witness.