"Drew Long" is a Weyland-Yutani operative from The Ultimate Hunt. As an operative, her role is almost identical to that of a hitman. She is to kill anyone who knows the true secrets of the Weyland-Yutani corporation. And her sights have been set on Takeo and Aiden Misaki.

Drew Long

Drew Long, off-duty


Drew stands 5 feet and 8 inches in height. Though she's of Chinese and Persian descent, neither seem to have that big of an impact on how she looks, save for the tan of her Persian side. She has short, dark brown hair and equally as brown eyes. She's physically peaked and highly trained to do her job efficiently.

Off-duty, Drew is donned in a white tank top and black cargo pants to compliment her black combat boots. On-duty, she wears a black kevlar longcoat with concealed military-grade bullet resistent armour underneath it, black cargo pants with kevlar padding, black combat boots, and a black scarf and a gas mask. Her arsenal includes a suppressed Sniper Rifle, a Pulse Rifle, and a suppressed .50 magnum Pistol.


The personality of Drew varies depending on if she's off-duty or on-duty. While on a mission, she shows little to no emotion and appears to be a sociopath, killing without any remorse or sign of regret. While off-duty, she has a sense of humour and a vivid personality. She's a tad bigoted about the Chinese and Persians as a whole, due to her opinions regarding her family.


Drew is physically peaked, and is a master in combat parkour, marksmanship, martial arts, and stealth. Her skills even surpass Takeo and Aiden's own, but fail to outdo "Hannah"'s own skills.

Connection to the Weyland-Yutani CorporationEdit

Since Drew is a mercenary, her loyalty only goes as far as getting paid to do what she does. Though she enjoys her job, she'd be easily swindled to any side with a bit more money and assurance she won't be betrayed.


Drew has interacted with Karl Bishop Weyland, "Hannah", Takeo Misaki, and Aiden Misaki.

Drew's Relationships for more information.


Drew was raised in a family that was conflicted between Chinese and Persian culture, and she was always told to choose between one or the other. After a while, she stopped caring and just became hateful of both races and cultures as a whole. When she was finally out of the house, she looked into mercenary work, seeing how it paid so well. Her first attempts weren't the best-paying, and she fell short of loyalty because of this.

Her current job was her last job offer; Mercenary work for the Weyland-Yutani corporation. It paid great and her loyalty remained with them. Ever since Takeo went snooping in the Weyland-Yutani facility with "Hannah", she finally had a target to hunt, and a guaranteed pay increase on the grounds that she killed Takeo and his sister, Aiden.