During "Hannah"'s own work and missions, she's met a fair few many characters throughout the course of her story. While she may not be on good terms with most of them, all are worth mentioning.

Takeo MisakiEdit

Hannah and Takeo Misaki met shortly after Hannah escaped from a Weyland-Yutani laboratory thanks to Celtic. Hannah saved Takeo from death and put her own life on the line for him to escape safely. After following him to his camp, they soon became Battle Partners.

Takeo jokingly calls Hannah his "dog", which Hannah thinks is quite humourous, and even stays in-character as a "dog" when around Takeo's sister, Aiden, and his squadmates. Hannah outright refuses to accept dogtreats, as to be expected. She will however often steal Takeo's lunch if it includes anything related to steak or pork. Takeo has scolded her for this quite a few times.

Aiden MisakiEdit

While Aiden Misaki's opinion of Hannah is negative, Hannah herself prefers not to find anything negative in Aiden, for that's Takeo's younger sister. Outside of Aiden's occasional telling Hannah to do something for her, or yelling at her to get off of the bed, their interactions are very limited.


Hannah and Celtic both respect each other as fellow Hive members, but that's as far as it really goes. They dare not consider each other friends, and hardly ever interact with one another unless they have to. The only times they do interact are when they're fighting over who gets what part of the animal corpse, or if they're coordinating on a mission.


Hannah believes Saxon is a self-absorbed, stuck-up monster that should be silenced. While she's aware that Saxon could easily kill her given half a chance, she hopes that she can do the same with him.

The Red ArmyEdit

Every interaction Hannah has had with any member of the Red Army has been violent. The Red Queen once attempted to impale her with her tail, and the Red Warriors have attempted to kill her in some other way not too dissimilar to the Red Queen. Hannah's opinion of them doesn't go very far from blind hatred and the only time she'll obey orders without question to dispatch a threat in a violent fashion.