It's fairly likely you've made it here from the Rules and Guidelines page, or you're wondering, "Hey, how can there be a correct or incorrect way to roleplay?" Well, I'll show you with two dandy examples. One is correct, one is incorrect.

Correct example

Person1: While on his journey through the very West sections of Russia, Saxon stirred. If only he'd have crash landed closer to where he was right now, but he just had to be shot down over Africa. Thanks to the crash, probably every Serpent in a five hundred mile radius was headed right to his crash site. Saxon shook his head. With them back in the Sahara, there was no way he could find the proper time to repair the damn thing without being interrupted ten times over by the ignorance of Hiveminded Serpents. His anger only increased as he treaded through the snowy wastelands of the Russian Federation's coldest northern areas. Who the hell would want to live here, let alone call it a country. That's when something caught his eye. A red laser locked onto his forehead. The sound of a plasma caster went off, and he hastily dive-rolled to the side and fired his own shoulder cannon back at the shooter.

Person2: It uncloaked. It was a goddamn Abomination. It deflected Saxon's plasma bolt with a throwing disc like it was nothing. Saxon made a croaking sound and erected his battle claws. Though this Hybrid beast was a Serpent, its grace like that of a Hunter's was too much for Saxon to resist challenging it. The two met as the Abomination jumped down from hiding with its battle claws bared. While it was surprising that it managed to acquire Hunter attire its size, Saxon was wondering if it could live up to the standards.

Person1: When it made the first swing, Saxon blocked it and attempted to jab its stomach, to which it dodged and managed to flip Saxon over its shoulder. Saxon hit the ground and rolled to the side to stand back up without being made an easy target.

Saxon ran at it, jumping about five feet into the air and attempting to flying kick it, to which it responded by quickly bringing an elbow down on Saxon's knee, which nearly fractured it due to the sheer speed of which it moved. Saxon fell to the ground in a flash again, and he only realized his situation when he saw a spear coming down to where his heart is. He brought up his battle claws and caught the spear in between the claws, twisting it and flipping the Abomination onto the ground. Saxon rolled backwards and stood back up, while the Abomination made its sideways roll as soon as it hit the ground to stand up. Saxon recognised this behaviour, its strategical and agility experience came from a Hunter before it.

"Speak thy name," said Saxon.

Person2: "Celtic," the Abomination hissed. The fact that it spoke an understandable tongue was surprising enough already.

Saxon made a charge for Celtic, retracting his battle claws and popping out his scimitar. While it was only a single blade on a single wrist, its length would be enough to counter Celtic's spear, and maybe even do some damage. Saxon swung at Celtic, and Celtic blocked with its spear. Celtic made a swing at Saxon as well, which he deflected with ease. Unfortunately, he didn't see that the spear went past his head after he deflected it. Celtic lowered its spear and knocked Saxon's legs out from under him. If it wasn't for his reflexes, Celtic would be able to kill him then and there. Saxon landed on his hands and pushed off the ground to land on his feet. He shot a plasma bolt at Celtic, who deflected it to a random direction with its spear. Celtic returned fire with a plasma bolt in return, which Saxon deflected with his scimitar off to the side. Celtic screamed a battle cry and charged right at Saxon, and Saxon charged as well.

Person1: When their blades met, Saxon lifted his scimitar and pushed down on Celtic's spear, using it to flip feet first over Celtic's head and get behind it. When Saxon landed, he jabbed at Celtic's back with his scimitar. He failed to anticipate its agility, which cost him the hit thanks to Celtic's spear. Celtic turned around and used one of its hands to hit Saxon in his mask with its palm. Saxon's HUD was distorted for just a second, long enough for Celtic to stand on one foot and side-kick Saxon as if it were a martial artist. This sent him flying back about ten feet into the snow. Celtic jumped over to him and put its spear to his throat and stepped on his chest. It kneeled closer to Saxon.

Person2: "Breathe your last--" before Celtic could finish its sentence, the sound of a scimitar being erected was heard, and it felt a blade gently push against its throat.

Person1: "A clean fight you offered," said Saxon.

Person2: "The same to you, brother." Celtic retracted its spear. It stood up off of Saxon, who retracted his scimitar and hopped up to his feet.

Person1: "It was a pleasure..." Saxon paused. "Should I refer to you as brother or sister?"

Person2: "Sister," said Celtic. "Call it a sibling rivalry. I wish to continue this fight at latter dates. There has to be a victor."

Person1: "Until the death?"

Person2: "Precisely."

Person1: Saxon smiled under his mask. He bowed to Celtic, who bowed back. As he cloaked and walked away, she too cloaked and walked off to a different direction. While Saxon hated his own kind and Serpents alike, this new Serpent... it showed great potential as an even greater rival. There will be a day their fights end. As much as Saxon hates to admit it, he hopes that day won't ever come.

Incorrect example

Person1: *walks through Russia* "damn the serpents are probably at my ship"

Person2: *stalking Saxon and shoots plasma bolt*

Person1: *dodges* "what the hell????" *shoots back*

Person2: *deflects and attacks*

Person1: *attacks* "whats ur name"

Person2: "celtic"

Person1: *keeps attacking*

Person2: *pins* "breathe ur last breath"

Person1: *pokes with scimitar*

Person2: "darn" *gets up*

Person1: "gg sister" *leaves*

Person2: "gg brother" *leaves*


Now what was so bad about the incorrect example, you might ask? Not enough detail, lacking grammar, too casual, and way too internet joke-y. But fear not. In this page, you will learn how to roleplay like a professional in no time.


Let's begin.

  • Step 1) Avoid using *'s.

This will get rid of limitations and allow freedom of writing. As opposed to *grabs gun* "lol", you can write more like this; Bob the Builder grabbed his gun. Inspecting it, he smiled and laughed.

  • Step 2) Include as much detail as you possibly can.

While it takes longer to write detailed posts, you'll find that writing in large detail is much more fun than the simple casual post. Take the correct example, for example. Without the detail and imagery, what would you see in the fight scene? Detail is key to a fun and efficient roleplay.

  • Step 3) Don't reference memes in your roleplay posts.


  • Step 4) Feeling lucky? Write some more!

Doesn't matter how much you've already written. If you feel like you could use some more, write some more. No one will complain, everyone loves to read.

  • Step 5) Put passion into your writing, get creative!

The best writers put passion into their works, and get more out of it. Use various writing techniques; Imagery, metaphors, similies, personification, you learned all of this in highschool already.

  • Step 6) Have fun.

Don't feel like writing is a chore. Writing should be fun! The entire reason these pages have even been written is just for fun anyways, so why should you have any excuse not to write?

Thank you

Be sure to check out the Rules and Guidelines, How to create a Page, and How to use Categories pages. Thank you for reading!