This page will tell you how to create a page properly, be it for your character, RPverse, or Faction. Let's get started!

Getting started

First things first, let's see how pages are organised. Let's start with a character page template.

Brief description goes here.
Describe how they look.
Describe how they act.
Describe their capabilities.
<header>Connection to [their faction/former faction]
Describe their relationship to their faction or former faction.
Briefly say who they've interacted with, then link the relationships page.
Describe how they got there and what their deal is.

It's recommended you use Heading 2 for each header. Don't get carried away with writing in all Header 2, though... Now, moving on to a Factions page template.

Brief description goes here.
Describe how the members usually look, or what they're dressed in.
Describe why they exist, what their purpose is.
Describe what the members of this faction are capable of.
Describe how they came to be.

The same rule as before applies here. And of course, remember the Rules and Guidelines on characters, however. Those rules too apply here. Finally, here's a template for an RPverse page.

Brief description goes here.
Describe what's going on.
Describe what factions you want to involve, or make up your own, so long as you make them a page.
<header>Notable Characters
Put a bullet list of notable characters. Bullets are made with a *, followed by a space and the name.

If you follow the templates, your pages shouold be on their way to looking good. However, there still are some guidelines you need to follow in order for you to succeed with your page.


Step 1) Keep the brief description as it says, brief. But also make sure it's not barren.

  • It's recommended you look at existing pages to know that there's a required 3 sentences minimum for your description. Keep it brief, but keep it detailed. Also ensure to say what universe(s) they're from.

Step 2) Fill out each header's description with as much detail as possible.

  • One paragraph minimum, and make sure it's as detailed as you can possibly write.

Step 3) Make sure you use grammar.

  • The administration would like to not correct your every mistake, so please study your English textbooks in highschool.

Thank you

Make sure you check out the Rules and Guidelines page, How to Roleplay Correctly and How to use Categories!