So you made it here from the Rules and Guidelines page, in order to make your page the best it can possibly be. If so, well done! Adding categories is the final step to making a great page that people will find while browsing the Wikia. Each category listed below is put into subcategories, explaining what it's used for.

Characters' categories

Often times, characters are associated with categories detailing their species and affiliation.

  • Characters - So we know it's a character. Duh.
  • [RPverse name] characters - If this character is associated with one or more specific RPverses.
  • [RPverse name] - To associate this character further with one or more RPverses.
  • Xenomorphs - If this character is a Xenomorph, or a Predalien.
  • Yautja - If this character is a Predator, or Predalien.
  • Predaliens - If this character is a Predalien.
  • Humans - If this character is a human.
  • Androids - If this character is an Android.
  • Rogues - If this character is no longer associated with their former faction.
  • Rebels - If this character is a revolutionary-type.
  • Colonial Marines - If this character is a proud Colonial Marine.
  • Weyland-Yutani - If this character is a Weyland-Yutani operative.
  • Mercenaries - If this soldier is a soldier-for-hire.

Factions' categories

If you want to navigate to specific factions, organising them is often the best way.

  • [Name of RPverse] - To associate them with one or more RPverses.
  • [Name of RPverse] characters - They still are characters, so why not associate them as such?
  • Factions - To make sure you can find them easily.
  • Xenomorphs - If they're a Xenomorph faction.
  • Yautja - If they're a Yautja faction.
  • Humans - If they're a human faction.
  • Rogues - If they're no longer associated with whatever they were before.
  • Rebels - If they're revolutionary-types.

RPverses' categories

This will be required if you're creating an RPverse page to keep everything organised.

  • RPverses - To let everyone know this is an RPverse.
  • [Name of your RPverse] - It may seem silly, but putting the name of your RPverse in the categories really helps to keep things organised.
  • Serious RPverses - If this RPverse is to be taken seriously aside from a few in-universe jokes.
  • Joke RPverses - If this RPverse is just to muck around in, usually for newcomers and freshblood roleplayers.
  • Aliens vs. Predator - If this RPverse is associated with AVP specifically.
  • Aliens - If this RPverse focuses only on the Aliens universe, disregarding the Predator universe alltogether.
  • Predator - If this RPverse focuses only on the Predator universe, disregarding the Aliens universe alltogether.
  • [Name of RPverse] Origins - If this RPverse is the origins story of another RPverse.
  • [Name of RPverse] Sequel - If this RPverse is a sequel to another RPverse.

Thank you

On the assumption you've followed the Rules and Guidelines and this page, you're all set! Happy roleplaying! And be sure to check out How to Roleplay Correctly and How to create a Page, too!