This page is dedicated to the administrators, moderators, and other people of authority on the wiki.


  •  Ayesha - Claimer to the throne of the wiki, head administrator. Some say she was sent here by the gods to bring about death and destruction, but learned a few things about friendship on the way someone who just claimed the wiki for no other reason than to use it.
  • Puppets - That's really all there is to say on the matter.


None yet... Why not apply to be one, on the God of the Wiki herself's talk page?

Chat moderators

None yet... Why not apply to be one, on the God of the Wiki herself's talk page?

How to apply

So you think what you have what it takes to sit beside the true god, as her administration, hm? Lucky for you, we're always looking for members to administrate and moderate this wiki. You're now wondering how to apply, correct? No? Too bad, here's the tutorial anyways.

First thing you need to do is be responsible. If you have experience, link us your profile on wikis that you own or administrate. This is almost a guaranteed yes, unless we see on your record that you were at any point unreasonable or immature. If that's the case, consider your experience useless. No experience? No problem. Prove to us you can be responsible by fixing up grammar mistakes, being kind to other users, and being active on the wiki. We expect your application to be written in an easy to read, properly organised fashion, nearly grammar mistake-free.

If your application is denied, the administrator you applied to will tell you why. If they do not, appropriate action will be taken to ensure they do. I'm always watching. Don't think I'm not. You think you're safe breaking the rules, bucko?

Obey us

Or you WILL die.