There are a few simple rules to be followed for RP and pages regarding RPverses and characters. They are separated according to their significance to which subject. If you wish to make your own page, or even just roleplay with friends, follow these rules as best you can.

RPverse/Character pages

The rules regarding the wiki pages concerning your characters or RPverses are as follows. Follow these rules and your page will thrive.

  • Try your best not to copy other RPverses' ideas. Sequels or prequels are just fine, just don't blatantly rip off another page.
  • Try your best not to make your character an expy of another character. It's 100% okay to make them similar, but the similarities have to end with a few major differences.
  • Characters imported directly from the movies are not okay, unless the RP is a blatant rehash of the movie(s) itself. Try to keep it original!
  • Do not make your characters too overpowered. The best characters have weaknesses, whether they're physical or mental.
  • Make sure your RPverse has some roleplaying value to it. Don't be a one-stop-shopper, actually give your audience something fun and lasting.
  • Your page needs to follow the organisation of other RPverse, character, and faction pages. Do not just have a single paragraph at the beginning and expect an admin to not mark it as incomplete. Look at How to create a Page if you're confused.
  • If your character is a furry, a video game character, a pony, or anything that isn't based off of the Aliens vs Predator universe, forget about it. This is a wiki about AVP RP, and not whatever else you can think of conjuring up.
  • Do not make your character too edgy; I don't want to hear Crawling by Linkin Park every time you enter a roleplay.
  • If you can, try to provide a visual appearance for your character. This isn't required, but it's highly appreciated!
  • Add categories to your character's page! This helps a tremendous amount! If you're unsure what categories to use, visit How to use Categories.


Please follow these rules when you're in a roleplaying session. I cannot stress enough how many times roleplays have died because of inexperience or ignorance.

  • Do not roleplay like this; "lol idk but lets do it????" *grabs gun*, it's expected you will write essay/paragraph style, with grammar that's proper, in all roleplays, regardless of how short they may be. See How to Roleplay Correctly to learn more.
  • Know what you're getting into, and have a character prepared beforehand.
  • Out of character comments should be spoken (( like this )), and it doesn't matter if you use grammar in them or not.
  • You do not have the authority to end a roleplay suddenly unless you are the one who started it, or you are an administrator. No exceptions.
  • Sexual relationships between two characters is okay, unless they're Xenomorphs. Keep the interspecies to a minimum, guys.
  • Only join a roleplay if you're older than 13. Lying about your age won't do you any good.

Conduct and Behaviour

Now that you know the guidelines to roleplaying and making a page, perhaps it's time you know what's acceptable on the wiki, behaviour-wise.

  • Do not harass other users. This includes name-calling, threatening, or just in general picking on them. We can tell criticism from harassment, so either party should not lie about one's intentions. In-character rivalries are completely okay. But keep it only to the characters.
  • Do not contribute to this wiki if you are under 13 years of age. The legal age for one to join Wikia is 13+, and proper action will be taken against you if we learn your real age if you lie about it. The only exception is if it's your birth month to be turning 13.
  •  Do not create useless/throwaway pages. They will be deleted as soon as possible.
  •  Spam will not be tolerated. Any spam in the comments or in a chatroom, or even in a roleplay(if it's not a series of posts), will be removed and you will be given a strike.

Thank you

If you can follow all of these rules and guidelines, then welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here at the AVP RP wikia. Be sure to check out How to use Categories, How to create a Page, and How to Roleplay Correctly on your way out!