"Saxon" is a Predator that went rogue after breaking his tribe's honour code many times over. He was labeled a Bad Blood and sentenced to death, which he escaped by defeating his kin in brutal combat. After stealing resources and a personal ship, he made himself less revealing armour with cloak tails, and kept his old mask which was very tattered and ripped. Saxon is a character from the RPverse The Ultimate Hunt.


Saxon stands 6'9, being 3 inches shorter than most Predators of his tribe. His armour separates him easily from any other Yautja, being his distinctive trait. His arsenal includes a plasma caster, battle claws, mines, and a scimitar.

Under the mask, he has a scar running from the top right of his head down to just before his mandibles. It crosses over his right eye, but to seemingly no harm to his vision. Saxon also lacks three of his dreadlocks near the center of the back of his head for an unknown reason.


A self-serving, cynical borderline sociopath, Saxon sees nothing wrong with slaughtering his former kin or killing innocents for the thrill of the hunt. The only separation he and a full-on sociopath has is compassion, for he has a respectful rivalry with the Predalien Celtic, as violent a rivalry as it may be.


Saxon is as quick and agile as a typical Yautja. His small arsenal fails to hinder his brutal precision and combattive abilities. Along with his impressive combat abilities, he is a master of human-inspired "combat parkour", in addition to his already impressive Yautja agility-themed abilities.

Combining both plasma bolts and slashes is one of his strong points as well, as no one expects him to use his plasma caster at close range, regardless of the damage it causes to himself.

Connection to the Yautja TribesEdit

Saxon has no connection to his former tribe, or any other tribe, thanks to his slaughter of his own tribe and many other tribes' members. He is considered a Bad Blood and a very high threat by his former kin. This is mainly because he killed his entire former clan.


Saxon has interacted with "Hannah", Takeo Misaki, Aiden Misaki, and Celtic.

Saxon's Relationships for more information.


Being one of the Yautja in the Milky Way Galaxy at the time, Saxon caught ear of the Xenomorphs on Earth and found a great opportunity to hunt Xenomorphs, humans, and Yautja alike. Before he could enter Earth's atmosphere, his ship was shot down by a much larger Yautja cruiser, and he crash landed in the Sahara Desert. With a broken ship and his limited arsenal left, Saxon made his new goal to slaughter his former kin once more, and steal their cruiser for his own benefit.

By the time Saxon reached Russia, he was greeted by some not-so-friendly plasma fire. Assuming it was one of his brethren, he returned fire and found that his plasma was deflected by a throwing disc. He looked up and saw his new rival; Celtic. He and the Predalien Hunter fought for what seemed like hours, and he found himself meeting the one thing that matched his abilities. Lo and behold, it was a Predalien with stolen technology. After reaching a stalemate, they bowed their heads at each other and agreed to fight in the future until one of them dies. This agreement was followed by Celtic leaving abruptly. Saxon has had her as a rival ever since.