Takeo Misaki knows a fair many people, most of which were wiped out when Saxon and some Xenomorphs did a number on his squad. He still knows quite a few people, some of which aren't the closest of friends.


Takeo sees Hannah as a very loyal ally and a great Battle Partner. If not for her, Takeo would have been slaughtered by Saxon along with the rest of his squad. Takeo calls Hannah, in a joking manner, his "dog". He even tries to feed her dogtreats at times, which she expectedly rejects and steals some of his food instead. He has scolded Hannah for her thievery, but couldn't stay mad at the lovable Xenomorph.

Aiden MisakiEdit

Aiden is Takeo's younger sister, so right off the bat they're on good terms. They were separated for most of their lives, Takeo being in Japan for the JDF, and Aiden in the UK for the SAS. When they met, they immediately made up and resumed their roles as siblings, while Takeo bossed her around a bit as her superior.


The only encounters Takeo had with Saxon included attempted murder and the occasional stalking. They have no in-depth relationship to be spoken about.


Surprisingly, Celtic and Takeo have yet to have any unpleasant relationship. Celtic took Takeo with Hannah into the Hive to show him around, and what it means to be bonded with a Xenomorph. Takeo sees Celtic as just a figure that's respectable, but doesn't go far beyond that, knowing that Celtic would kill him in an instant if he so much as tried to harm the Hive anymore than he already has.