Former Japan Defense Force Colonel turned Colonial Marines Lieutenant. "Takeo Misaki" takes his job very seriously, unlike some of his subordinates. His personality is a bit all over the place. One moment, he could be strict and demanding, then the next he could be calm and sweet. He's skilled with a gun, and knows his way around martial arts and close-quarters as well. Takeo is a character from the RPverse, The Ultimate Hunt.
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Takeo before leaving the JDF


Takeo stands just under 6 feet tall, being an average, but fit, male. He is of Japanese and British descent, having Japanese as his most prominant that affects his appearance more. He has caucasian skin and short, dark brown hair. His eyes are blue and he doesn't have any noticable scars on him.

He wears his Colonial Marines armour when in combat, and a grey shirt with industrial camo cargo pants when not on-duty.


Takeo's personality is never just one set feeling or emotion. He can go from soldier-like to neutral in an instant, and even quicker right back to soldier-like if he had to. Some say he's bipolar, but he insists that it's just the way he is.

He's exceptionately compassionate around his sister, Aiden Misaki, even if he doesn't agree with her all the time.


Takeo is fairly skilled in firearm combat, as well as martial arts and close-quarters. Because he's a soldier, he also shows some skill in combat parkour and knows his way around an unstable environment.

Because of his rank, he's well above some of his subordinates and loves to give them orders. He has the order-giving voice of a drill Sergeant, and can be very persuasive even with the most rookie'ish of soldiers.

Connection to the Colonial MarinesEdit

Takeo is a Lieutenant for the Colonial Marines, and a respected member who has authority over most of his lower-ranked soldiers. He refuses to question orders and will do anything for the greater good of the human race.


Takeo has interacted with "Hannah", Celtic, Saxon, and Aiden Misaki.

Takeo's Relationships for more information.


If not for the Earth invasion, Takeo would be retired already. He was deployed to all affected areas in order to try to dispose of the Xenomorph threat and hopefully make an alliance with the Yautja... Emphasis on tried. His team was viciously slaughtered by Saxon after some unidentified Xenomorphs ripped a few of them up. Saxon would have been his demise as well, if not for Hannah.

During a later battle at Weyland-Yutani, the two were surrounded by Combat Androids, all of which were armed. Hannah and Takeo agreed to fight together, and managed to take out the platoon of Androids on their own, thanks to Hannah's superior agility and priority of the Androids.