"The Ultimate Hunt" is an Aliens vs Predator roleplaying universe, set on Earth years after the events of Alien 3. It features a cast of characters from all known factions and species of the movieverse, plus a little of the comic books' universe thrown in.

The Ultimate Hunt

The unofficial cover art of The Ultimate Hunt


The Ultimate Hunt is set years after the events of Alien 3 on Earth. Ripley had failed to truly stop the Xenomorphs from coming to Earth, and merely hindered it. The Xenomorphs had arrived on Earth through a crashed Yautja ship, and the Hive spread thanks to the failed attempt of a swift containment by a single Yautja. The Hive has made its foothold in the coldest places on Earth; The Russian Federation's coldest cities, Greenland, and Antarctica. The Colonial Marines were deployed to attempt to seal off the problem, but failed, and soon found themselves trying to make a deadly alliance with the Yautja, which never quite went through.

The Xenomorphs have for the first time bred two of their own that are sentient, namely "Hannah" and Celtic. Because of them, hope for humanity starts to deminish. The Red Army also makes their appearance as a Xenomorph rebel group pushed to the Sahara Desert in Central Africa, making even less places safe to even live for humanity. They make their plan against the Xenomorph Hive throughout the events of the RPverse.


The factions of The Ultimate Hunt include the following.

  • Weyland-Yutani (antagonists)
  • Yautja Hunters (unclear affiliation)
  • Colonial Marines (protagonists)
  • The Xenomorph Hive (antagonists)

Notable CharactersEdit

The most notable characters of the RPverse include the following.

  • Celtic (unclear affiliation)
  • Karl Bishop Weyland (antagonist)
  • Drew Long (antagonist)